At Airducter we understand the true meaning of mechanical services which is reflected in the broad scope of mechanical equipment that we are able to design, install and maintain for our clients.

Our Mechanical experience includes but is not limited to:

  • Aircraft arrestor gear systems;

  • Boilers;

  • Clinical & medical waste treatment equipment;

  • Cold rooms;

  • Commercial kitchen equipment;

  • Commercial laundry equipment;

  • Compactors;

  • Incinerators;

  • Medical gas;

  • Microbial containment rooms;

  • Pneumatic tube systems (air tube conveyors);

  • Pumps;

  • Reverse Osmosis systems/desalination plants;

  • Rubbish & laundry chutes;

  • Steam generators;

  • Sterilisers; and

  • Vehicle hoists & brake test machines.